Accessible Therapy

There have been some big changes happening in the landscape of our lives over the past couple of weeks.

It is wild to think that only just over 2 weeks ago things in Atlantic Canada shifted significantly. Now we are physically and socially distancing, faced with a new norm of having everyone home at once (or for some, social distancing alone). This is a situation that is unprecedented and for which no one has the road map.

This can be a really challenging time for folks as they attempt to find balance and a sense of stability in this uncertain world.

Importance of Structure

Having structure built into the day can be powerful in creating feelings of stability and groundedness. Even if we don’t know when social distancing will end or when we can return to school, we do know that we have a daily schedule and know what to expect. Click over to resources page to see videos on how “Structure with Wiggle Room” can be helpful for kids and adults.

Why online Therapy?

During moments of confusion and uncertainty, therapy can be helpful in guiding you to feelings of confidence and positive, concrete coping strategies. Although we cannot see our therapists in person, we can access mental health support from the comfort of our own homes. Regular sessions can then be worked into the structures which are built into this new norm. Reaching out to mental health professionals can be powerful and important in:
1) building feelings of self-worth and confidence in facing the new daily challenges
2) finding moments of honest self-reflection to build resilience and flexibility. These skills will be beneficial as the world begins to move forward in a new unknown direction.

For information on upcoming online group therapies on coping strategies or to inquire about individual therapy for yourself or a loved one, click here.

I will be thinking about you, friends. We’re all in this together.

Be well,