About Me

I am a Registered Counselling Therapist- Candidate and former teacher with more than 10 years of experience working with people around the world and in Canada. My private practice is currently set up 3136 Isleville Street, Suite 203, Halifax, NS in the Hydrostone area.

I specialize in working with adults, children, and families with various lived experiences including:
– depression
– anxiety
– dissociation
– mood swings
– challenging life transitions
– chronic stress
– gender variance
– trauma/chronic stress
– challenging life transitions

I offer professional development courses on mental health, burnout, emotional regulation, and trauma-informed workplaces to schools and community organizations.

My services are offered in English, French, and Portuguese.

I combine various types of therapies to create the best fit for my clients to reach their goals in a compassionate, effective manner.

M.A. Creative Arts Therapy
Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate
EMDR Therapist
Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner