Families and Children

When working with families and children I take a team approach, where all members of the family are considered a part of the treatment plan and solution. I use age-appropriate, play-based, creative interventions to help children and parents find calm physical and emotional states. Combinations of these therapies assist parents in better understanding their child’s behaviours, and improve connections and overall harmony within the home.

Families come to me when their children have challenges with:

– tantrums
– emotional expression
– mood swings
– ADHD/hyperactivity
– school/social challenges
– defiance

Parents are empowered through:

– parent skill-building
– gaining insight into reasons for their children’s behaviours
– learning de-escalation strategies
– learning to assist their children in emotional regulation
– improve connection between family members

Sessions can include:

– child-centre, age-appropriate interventions
– play-based, creative interventions
– emotional regulation and coping strategies

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