For Schools

I provide engaging and interactive workshops including:

1. Trauma-informed schools

This training focuses on engaging educators in discussions and reflections about social emotional learning and challenges and best practice within schools. It includes the following:

  • Defining trauma
  • Affects of trauma on the brain, behaviours, and emotional regulation
  • What trauma-informed classrooms look like
  • Trauma-informed de-escalation strategies

2. Teacher self-care

This workshop looks at the importance of teacher self-care and emotional awareness in order to avoid burnout. This course includes:

  • Signs of burnout
  • What self-care can look like within the context of schools and classrooms
  • How teacher self-care can be incorporated into daily practices
  • How positive teacher mental health affects the classroom environment
  • Self-reflective teaching practices to avoid burnout

3. Playtime: putting play in the school day

This highly interactive workshop explores the importance of play in child development and for promotion of positive mental health. This workshop includes:

  • The ‘function’ of play
  • Play in childhood development
  • Play in empathy development and emotional regulation
  • Further incorporating play into the school day

4. Emotionally literate classrooms

This workshop focuses on creative and engaging ways to assist students in understanding their experiences and emotions. This workshop includes:

  • Understanding the physical nature of emotional regulation
  • Including emotional literacy and understanding in daily classroom interactions
  • Creative interventions which can be used in classrooms to promote emotional literacy and discussions

5. Tailor-made workshops:

I have experience crafting unique programs for institutions with vastly different needs. To explore how I can help your business or team, click the button!