Creative Arts Therapy

Creative arts therapies use the client’s creativity as a means of beginning the process of self-reflection and self-understanding. As clients begin to see themselves as creative, they also become more self-confident, growing in self-esteem and abilities to communicate emotions and needs.

With Children:

A child’s natural way of communicating and understanding the world is through play and creativity. Toys and creative play are how children learn their place in the world, learn to regulate their emotions, and process challenging events.

Creative interventions allow for expression of challenging emotions in healthy ways, allowing children to learn how to express themselves clearly and make sense of their experiences.

With Adults:

Clients often enter therapy wishing to more deeply understand themselves, their emotions and behaviours, and relationships. By tapping into their creativity, clients are able express challenging feelings and emotions which they are unable to verbalize.

As adult clients begin to see themselves as creative they too begin to see themselves as flexible, capable people who can cope with life’s challenges and stresses.