As a former teacher, I have a strong understanding of the challenges and obstacles which are present in schools for both adults and students. My in-school programming includes individual and group therapy sessions with elementary, middle, and high school aged students. I work with school teams to support their students in specific social emotional needs, which are suggested by the school’s team. Assessments are conducted both individually and within groups to assist in creating the most supportive space to fit students’ strengths and needs.

I also provide ongoing professional development and support for educators and staff within schools. I believe in the importance of a cohesive staff in ensuring health and wellbeing of all people in the school community.

Depending on the school’s focus the professional development courses offered include:

  • Trauma-informed schools and practices
  • Support in social-emotional learning objectives and curriculum implementation
  • Non-violent communication and problem-solving programming
  • Stress and anxiety management (mindfulness, self-care, spotting burnout, etc.)