Play- based therapies

Play is the child’s natural method of processing:

Children’s natural way of processing life events and new learning is through play. Through allowing children to engage in play in therapeutic settings they are given permission to express themselves, challenging feelings and emotions in a space where they can gain a sense of mastery and responsibility. Through play-based interventions children can learn to be self-starters, improve their communication, and increase feelings of calm and confidence.

What does this mean for parents?

Through play-based interventions parents are also often invited to engage alongside their child, gaining insight into the child’s feelings and experiences and creating stronger bonds. Parents learn how to help their child navigate difficult feelings and challenging moments, reducing tantrums and outbursts.

Parents learn parenting strategies and behavioural interventions which can improve connection and communication with their children. These sessions are attachment based and focused on increasing families’ abilities to create positive routines, understand and express emotions, and improve relationships.

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